Professor of Design Thinking - Tecnico, U. Lisbon | ITI, LARSYS

<aside> 👋🏼 I am based in Tecnico at the Interactive Technologies Institute, Hub Criativo Beato, in Lisbon (valentina.nisi(at) Address: Rua da Manutenção 71, Edifício F, Unit 05 - 1900-318 Lisbon, Portugal


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Valentina Nisi is a Full Professor of Design Thinking at Técnico - U. Lisbon, where she teaches and researches Digital Interactive Design, Art, and Media. She holds a Fine Arts (BA), Multimedia (MsC), and a Ph.D. in Location Based Narratives from the Computer Science Department of Trinity College Dublin. She worked for four years at MIT MediaLabEurope, investigating wireless mobile technologies' potential in cinematic non-linear narratives. Valentina has published, exhibited, and taught internationally in digital media, art, and design. Valentina is a founding researcher at the Interactive Technologies Institute LARSyS, currently heading its scientific council. Her research engages with post human concerns through Interactive Digital Storytelling, Gaming and HCI, bringing awareness to pressing social and environmental issues. Her most recent projects explore the use of Interactive media and storytelling to bring awareness and change in relation to societal challenges such as sustainability, inclusion and preservation of Heritage.




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